Fulcrum Asset Management

Who we are

Founded in 2004 by Andrew Stevens and Gavyn Davies, Fulcrum Asset Management is an independent, employee owned business with a global client base of institutions, wealth managers and private investors. The firm has more than 70 employees with assets under management of £4.3bn (as at 31 July 2018).

Fulcrum provides investors with both multi-asset solutions and the component parts of these solutions as independent standalone strategies across its discretionary, systematic and alternatives strategies. The discretionary multi-asset funds are offered as both relative and absolute return funds and the systematic funds covers trend as well as risk premia. In 2018, the Fulcrum Alternative Strategies team was created to provide investors with additional sources of investment return including real assets and alternative credit. All Fulcrum funds offer transparency, liquidity and competitive fee structures.

What we do

Our philosophy focuses on three elements of investment management: Diversification, Growth and Capital Preservation.

Diversification is central to capturing global opportunities and limiting exposure to single markets. We invest across all of the major global equity, bond, commodity, currency and alternative investment markets with the belief that top down asset allocation will, over time, determine a portfolio’s performance.

Growth is, of course, important, but we believe that long term growth should not be destroyed by short term failures in risk management and achieving the balance of growth and risk is central to our philosophy.

Risk management is an integral part of our investment process. When market risk increases, a client’s risk appetite does not increase with it. Our approach to risk management is clear: establish a clear level of risk which is suited to the client – and stick to it. We aim to protect portfolios against investor panic and the permanent capital loss which can result from market shocks.


Matthew Wright
Director, UK Wealth and Platforms
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