Secure Wealth Management

Who we are

Secure Wealth Management (SWM) is a boutique asset manager based in Geneva. They are a specialist provider of actively-managed, low-cost, highly liquid portfolios of ETFs (multi-asset, pure equity and pure fixed-income). All SWM’s ETF portfolios are subject to rigorous ESG screening methodology. This is intended to enhance long-term performance vs. traditional benchmarks which include fossil fuel assets. SWM offers five ETF portfolios, graded across the risk spectrum: fixed-income, conservative, balanced, growth and equity.

SWM is in the eighth year of successfully running their ETF portfolios. All five strategies show outperformance vs benchmarks on a 3- and 5-year horizon. SWM works closely with BlackRock in several areas, notably in the ESG and carbon-footprint scoring of SWM’s ETF portfolios.

SWM has a core team of five investment professionals and one independent risk advisor, with combined experience of over 90 years.

What we do

SWM aims to deliver superior long-term risk adjusted returns within a transparent, low-cost ESG framework. All portfolios are actively managed using a blend of fundamental, trend-based technical analysis (with a strong focus on Fibonacci relationships) and Network Analytics software supplied by FNA (Financial Network Analytics).

All SWM’s portfolios are managed according to strict volatility caps (both by strategy and for the individual ETFs used). They only use the most liquid full-replication ETFs, which must have a minimum market cap of USD 100m and a minimum daily USD liquidity of 20m. SWM has always offered 24-hour liquidation to their investors. Using only the most liquid ETFs also allows scalability of SWM’s strategies and ensures low spreads and transaction costs, all within a low-turnover portfolio approach.


James Dougall
Managing Director
+41 22 354 8971