Who we are

Church House Investment Management is an independent and private wealth management business that offers fund and discretionary portfolio solutions to private and professional investors. Operating from offices in London’s West End and with a regional hub in Dorset, we serve private individuals, families, trusts, pensions and charities.


We aim to deploy our expertise and experience to make a difference. It starts by helping investors build towards better financial futures and enables them to achieve their aspirations by managing their financial objectives through to fruition. In delivering professional wealth management, we also aim to provide the peace of mind that is the foundation of personal well-being. Finally, we appreciate that wealth, whatever its origins, is of great personal importance to its owners; and we see ourselves as ideally placed to fulfil the role of trusted guardians.

What we do

At the core of what we do are three investment propositions: a Managed Portfolio Service for those with straightforward needs, a Tailored Portfolio Service for investors seeking a more sophisticated solution plus a range of Investment Funds, which serve as the ‘building blocks’ of our portfolio services.

These offerings are complimented by access to sensible planning and the provision of a highly personalised service.

More information can be found in the Strategies section of this page.


The central tenet of our investment philosophy is ‘the avoidance of the permanent loss of capital’. It should therefore come as no surprise that our focus is risk management first and performance second. Based on a long-established and proven risk framework, we offer a range of diversified portfolios, which skilfully balance risk and reward to deliver the returns investors expect, without the shocks they fear.

The use of our own funds affords us greater control, crucial in the management of risk and costs. It also enables us to provide the level of transparency, which many clients tell us they like.

Most of our own wealth and that of our families is invested in exactly the same way as our clients’. By that we mean it benefits from the proven processes and controls which are all designed to deliver the consistency of returns and stability of income, that our clients value so highly.

Finally, it is important to us that our clients feel totally at ease with their investment decisions. Our experienced client relationship team encourages questions and each member takes their role as a trusted guide very seriously. Long-term engagements that often span the generations are the standard in our business as we seek to ensure all our clients find their suitable ‘Pathway to Prosperity’.


Managed Portfolio Service £


Our Managed Portfolio service is ideally suited to investors with more straightforward needs and for those requiring a low initial investment. There are seven portfolios available, each designed to appeal to varying investment objectives and risk appetites. They are constructed entirely from our own fund range and skilfully blended to provide the optimal balance of risk and reward. No portfolio management fees are charged on the Managed Portfolio Service.

  • Cautious Income • low

    For more cautious investors, traditionally income-focused but with constrained growth potential

  • Income and Growth • medium

    A well-balanced and broadly diversified solution aiming for long-term growth and acceptable income

  • Equity Growth • high

    Greater return potential but with likelihood of increased volatility and income is a low priority