Who we are

Kingswood Wealth is an independent investment and wealth management firm, with a presence across the UK and in South Africa. They deliver institutional style investment techniques, presented in a manner suitable for private clients, trusts, charities, and institutions. To do this, they utilise the vast experience within their dedicated investment research, stockbroking and treasury teams to package a robust and rounded financial solution for their partners and underlying clients. This approach combines traditional values with contemporary delivery that embraces modern technology, thereby delivering financial solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. Kingswood’s boutique style office means that clients and professional connections have a personalised service, delivered by a dedicated manager. Their investment solution offers core risk rated multi asset strategies, in addition to offering personal portfolio management for those more sophisticated investors. The independent nature of Kingswood’s investment process enables them to appoint best-of-breed investment managers who are dedicated to their selected sector. The Kingswood investment research team complete under-the-bonnet analysis and face to face interviews with a limited selection of chosen managers, ensuring those managers deemed appropriate for portfolios are implemented with confidence and in turn, conviction. The ‘Kingswood Partner’ intermediary solution is straightforward. It is designed to partner as an extension of your business, reducing your workload and expanding your client proposition, whilst at all times ensuring you remain in complete control of your client.

What we do

The Kingswood Wealth investment process has one over-arching objective, which is to deliver consistent investment outcomes to clients with consistent goals. They do this through six steps, each of which is designed to be measurable and repeatable. This provides Kingswood with the ability to monitor and evaluate the success of their decision making and to identify where it has added or detracted value. These six steps combine to provide an efficient method for investing their clients’ money. They also allow their clients (and Kingswood themselves) to clearly see how and why their money is being invested in a particular way and, most importantly, that it is consistent with their goals. This investment process has been tested and refined over many years. The investment portfolios created are based around their clients’ time horizon and risk tolerance. Diversification and risk management are incorporated into the process and are key to the success of the portfolio. This process allows Kingswood to deliver truly personalised portfolio management at relatively low cost, and with clearly established risk controls. The process is cyclical and has the following parts to it:

  1. Fact finding and the identification of the client’s needs and goals to develop their investment profile.
  2. Translating the client’s investment profile into their investment strategy.
  3. The design, construction and investment of the portfolio best expected to deliver against the strategy.
  4. The day to day monitoring and management of the portfolio.
  5. The measurement of portfolio performance against the strategy.
  6. The reporting of the portfolio’s progress in delivering the client’s goals.


Sterling £

  • EIM25 • low

  • EIM50 • medium

  • EIM75 • high

  • TEST • low