Who we are

Quartet was founded in late 2009 by a group of experienced investment professionals. We are structured as an independent partnership where all clients deal with the firm’s owners and decision makers. 

Our core investment belief is that major equity and bond markets are broadly efficient over a market cycle. Consequently, in order to generate superior returns for clients the focus should be on areas where we perceive a competitive advantage is possible, and this primarily revolves around asset allocation. We focus on determining a long-term or strategic asset allocation for each client and then actively manage this via shorter-term tactical asset allocation.

What we do

We construct and manage bespoke individual portfolio solutions for private clients and their associated entities. Each client’s circumstances are unique, so we do not believe in shoehorning clients into predetermined investment solutions. All portfolios are tailored to achieve the client’s objectives.

We also work with professional intermediaries in designing, constructing and managing bespoke “Model Portfolio Solutions” based on their requirements. Unusually we also can do this on a flat fee basis.

We are multi-asset investors and utilise both active and passive investment strategies in the construction of portfolios.

Partners and their families are amongst the firm’s largest clients and our portfolios are managed along the same lines as external clients. We also pay the same fees!


Sterling £

  • Low Risk • low

  • Medium Risk • medium

  • High Risk • high