Who we are

Tribe is the UK’s first dedicated Impact Wealth Manager. We offer discretionary and advisory portfolio management services to direct clients, as well as a Sustainable Impact Model Portfolio Service (SIMPS) to advisers. Tribe was created in response to a significant increase in demand from individuals and charities who wanted to achieve both sustainable impact and a financial return from their invested wealth.

Tribe works in partnership with clients to gain a deep understanding of their values and how these align with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework. Going beyond traditional negative screens allows us to focus on positive selection of responsible, sustainable and impactful investments.

Tribe is a proud certified B Corp which means everything we do balances purpose and profit. As part of our commitment to achieving positive change, we have locked into our mission and model 20% of our profits to invest in high impact, scalable, mission-driven organisations. 

What we do

Our investment philosophy centres around the belief that a long-term focus on sustainability across all asset classes will deliver the best returns for clients, as well as the planet, economy and society. We strive to ensure every investment we make makes a net positive environmental or social impact, as well as a financial return.

At Tribe, we are unique in that we have a twin-lens investment process where we assess for both impact rationale alongside financial rationale. In order to provide strong and consistent risk-adjusted returns, we combine a top-down, research driven asset allocation with a bottom-up selection of high quality funds and securities. We don’t just employ negative screens, rather, every fund, single security and asset allocation decision is made through our investment and our impact lens. The investment process is set up so that each team (investment and impact) has a right of veto over the other in the process. This means an investment can be rejected if it fails to meet our stringent impact criteria or investment criteria. Our investment “north star” - the UN SDGs - guide our investments to create both a risk-adjusted financial return and a positive impact for our clients.