Q1 Performance Reports

Karl Le Fevre

29 April 2024

The MPI Performance Reports for Q1 2024 are now available online for you to view and download. To use our interactive perfomance reports please click the button below.

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Investment Managers Survey

The MPI indices turned in positive returns over the quarter across all currencies and risk categories, with the Sterling Low, Medium and High-Risk strategies averaging 1.95%, 3.63% and 5.40%, respectively. While the initial exuberance of rate cuts faded over the quarter, it did little to dampen portfolio returns. Allocations to equities increased at the expense of cash and fixed income. We also saw more significant flows into alternatives, in particular gold. Based on our survey for MPI managers, over 45% reported that they had become more optimistic over the period, with less than 10% stating they were more cautious. Of the possible headwinds to future growth and returns, most cited persistent inflation, geopolitical tensions and slower earnings growth as the main potential threats. However, election outcomes and tech valuations were also consistently a concern. The number of rate cuts managers are not pricing in also fell from between three and four last quarter, to between two and three this.